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Creating The Change You Wish to Be

A 4-Month Self-Mastery Coaching Series

Facilitated by Alex Cary, MA & Amy Hruby, MA

Begins September 7, 2021

Alex Cary
Amy Hruby

Alex Cary, MA

Amy Hruby, MA

Our task is not to seek for love, 
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves

that have been built against it.

— Rumi

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It's Time...

for a radically new way of Leading and learning how to Lead. 


With over 10,000 hours of coaching conversations between us, working with senior-level executives at Fortune 500 companies around the world, Alex and Amy know one thing for sure: 


Love is a requirement of Leadership. 


When we speak of leading with love, we are not talking about being soft or being a pushover, we are talking about showing up and coming from a place of strength. Love IS the evidence of Leadership, as it's demonstrated in COURAGE, CREATIVITY, PRESENCE, JOY, INSPIRATION, CLARITY, HUMILITY AND PEACE.  We need leaders owning and demonstrating these qualities now more than ever. Our homes, our communities, our offices, and our planet are currently in a crisis of leadership. We believe this crisis stems from people not awakening to their true nature which is the Wisdom, Loving and Compassion that resides within. Fear rules our workplace, the news cycle, our nervous systems, the economic decisions we make, and most of our world leaders.

Fear is the current paradigm. AND right now in Leadership, our greatest opportunity is to enact our ultimate power: our power to CHOOSE.


We get to choose to Lead with Love. And Courage. And Creativity. And Presence. And Joy, Inspiration, Peace, et al.    

We begin by slowing down the leadership conversation. Together we learn, examine, explore and create a new way of Leading. 

Answer these questions

We invite you to read & answer the questions below. What you write will help you get a picture of where you are currently in your leadership. What's working and what's not...

  1. Do you find yourself holding a RESENTMENT against your spouse, friend, colleague, or family member that you’re having trouble letting go? 

  2. Did you take your last position or new role because you thought you SHOULD, or because you were afraid your boss or a co-worker would be disappointed in you?

  3. Have you GIVEN UP on certain aspects of your Life? Your work? The world? 

  4. Do you have a VAGUE feeling that there’s something that you’re doing in your life that’s getting in your way of what you truly want?  

  5. Do you feel HELPLESS about global and local challenges like Covid-19, climate change, racial injustice and economic disparity?  

  6. Are you WAITING and hoping for others to lead and “fix” what's happening in the world?

  7. Are you clear about what your PURPOSE is in your life? Your work? 

  8. Does inner-peace, meaning, or ENJOYMENT have a place in your work?  How about at home?

  9. Do you know how to INSPIRE and motivate yourself or those around you? 

  10. Do you feel CONFIDENT in your leadership? 

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Consider the fact that YOU ARE THE SOLUTION. It is with the courage, vision, hope, clarity, and compassion that is inside of you (who you are) which translates your leadership into BEING the person in the room who is effective, inspiring, motivating, and unifying. Love is the game-changer in your Leadership.  


With over 20+ years of honing their collective leadership skills, and practicing them every day, Amy and Alex have created “Leading with Love: Creating the Change You Wish to Be” as a way of sharing pivotal leadership insights, skills, and learnings with you, so you can be an EFFECTIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL, COURAGEOUS LEADER.


  • Released weight

  • Left a destructive marriage 

  • Purchased kayaks for her family, and created more time to spend with her kids

  • Hired a cleaning service

  • Got engaged!

  • Renewed her relationships with her mother and sister

  • Reimagined her career, and gain clarity around finding a more aligned position at new company

  • Strengthened her relationship with money and her sense of resourcefulness   

"The greatest untapped potential in the world is clearly locked

in a deeply repressed feminine power that exists in all of us.

And I am forever grateful for the unlock!" -- 2020 Participant

Alex and Amy have collaborated with the following companies to Lead with Greater Love, Courage, Creativity, Presence, Joy, and so on ... 


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Leading with Love Specifics

Group Coaching

  • Eight (8) 90-minute Live Group Coaching Calls via Zoom

  • One (1) monthly report to track your progress (see video below for more details!)

  • One (1) monthly "Thinking" partnership to deepen in your leadership learning

  • Unlimited Leadership distinctions, skills and tools to clarify your unique leadership strengths, gifts and talents

  • Shared journey with 8 other professional women of high character and caliber

  • Two (2) sixty-minute Private Coaching Sessions, one with Alex and one with Amy

  • Sign up by August 1st and receive two (2) additional sixty-minute sessions

  • Unlimited email and spot coaching with Alex and Amy 

Individual Coaching

  • Each group session is designed to take you deeply into a specific Leadership facet: Leading with Courage, with Creativity, with Presence, with Joy, with Inspiration, with Clarity, with Humility, and Leading with Peace.  

  • Each participant will create a meaningful project to make tangible progress on. Project examples include, career creation, vital health, loving marriage (Amy's celebrating 24 years of marriage this year!), unified team, stronger leadership, and more. 

  • Unlimited Leadership distinctions, skills, tools, and resources will be shared for you to deepen in YOUR Leadership Wisdom.


  • Investment: $3350 (payment plan available upon request)

  • Limited to 8 extraordinary women

  • We begin September 7, 2021 (course dates listed below)


Group Coaching Dates & Times

Calls are from 3:30-5:30pm (Pacific) via Zoom every other week, starting on Sept. 7th

Sept 7,  Sept 21

Oct 5,  Oct 19

Nov 2,  Nov 16

Nov 30,  Dec 14

In this self-mastery coaching series, you will learn to... 

  • TRUST your Inner Compass intimately and lead from WISDOM & VISION

  • EXPERIENCE where your true CONFIDENCE comes from and lead with CLARITY

  • PRACTICE and STRENGTHEN specific leadership skills and lead with INSPIRATION

  • LET GO of any barriers in the way of expressing your wisdom, your loving & your life purpose

  • IGNITE your imagination and create the LIFE you want through your leadership

  • EMBRACE the discomfort of CHANGE and know change is the gateway to growth

  • BE the leader you wish to see in the world


  • CREATE a meaningful project for YOU, take COURAGEOUS action with support, and see RESULTS


What you will leave behind...

  • Leading From Fear—release yourself from the pain of worrying about “me, myself and I”, what will others think, useless suffering from “imposter syndrome”, and buying into the “crisis of confidence” paradigm  

  • Unconscious Leadership—acting out unconscious patterns that get in the way of your leadership

  • Dysfunctional Independence—going it alone, figure things out in isolation

  • Leadership Leaks—such as people pleasing, self-doubt, insecurity, procrastination and broken-promises


Now is the opportunity to Create The Change You Wish to BE!

If not now, WHEN?

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Alex Cary is an executive life coach empowering individuals and organizations to thrive and achieve results with meaning. For over 18 years, she has worked as an internationally established entrepreneur, supporting clients to evaluate and alter the very trajectory of their lives, for the better. Alex’s approach to coaching is based on the premise that outer experience is a reflection of inner reality, and that we already possess the creativity, resourcefulness, and wisdom necessary to reach our highest human potential. In other words, there is nothing within us that needs to be “fixed”. Rather, the opportunity in coaching is to identify and remove perceived limitations that block our true strengths and talents from naturally coming forward.

Alex earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies at Simmons University in Boston and began her career in advertising overseeing campaigns with Mazda Motor Cars, Asiana Airlines, DirecTV, and Mattel. In 1999, she launched her first entrepreneurial endeavor as an interior designer, growing her practice to have an international presence while living in Hong Kong and Singapore. Upon receiving her Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Alex followed her heart and launched her professional coaching career. Alex now lives in Los Angeles with her exuberant 8-year-old son, and husband who’s also followed his heart transitioning from the law to fine art painting.


Amy Hruby comes to the field of executive leadership coaching with over 10+ years of coaching experience. Amy’s inner attunement, wisdom, deep listening skills, and genuine caring creates a space that allows her clients the ability to access their own inner wisdom. Her coaching inspires her clients to create new possibilities by supporting them in owning their magnificence and “breaking” next actions into “doable” next steps. She has great success in assisting her clients with achieving more fulfilling, purposeful lives personally and professionally.

Amy has held positions on virtually every rung of the leadership ladder: Administrator, Manager, Director, and Vice President level. She’s worked for family-owned businesses, institutions of higher education, and start-ups. Amy loves serving people and organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives and the world. Supporting leaders in bringing their visions to life is at the heart of her life’s purpose.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Westminster College and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She also received a Certification in Consciousness, Health & Healing, and a Certification as a Soul-Centered Professional Coach from the University of Santa Monica. She’s been married to her awesome husband John for over 24 years and has two beautiful boys, Connor (18) & Cayden (13), plus two furry babies, Mesha the dog & Oreo the cat. Amy lives in Los Angeles.


Alex & Amy in Action...

Alex and Amy have been collaborating for the past 6 years; serving women and men from all over the world to lead with love. Here are some of the things we've done together: traveled to New Orleans to support a fellow coach & dear friend, we are Executive Coaches at The Alchemy Group, we've co-facilitated a Women & Money Coaching Group & a Small Business Incubator Coaching Group, and have supported Carolyn Freyer-Jones, an Alchemy Group Facilitator at an Alchemy Group leadership training for the Staff of the LA Dodgers.

Small Business Incubator
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“Nothing can change until it is faced.”

— James Baldwin

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